10 key things everyone should know about first aid

To have the confidence, skills and knowledge to be able to administer first aid in an emergency, you need to undergo a full first aid or a first aid at the work training course. However, there are some basic do and don’ts that everyone should know about first aid, whether they’ve been on a course or not.

For example:

  1. The only thing you should ever put on a burn is cold water
  2. To treat a burn, run it under cold water for 10 minutes or more
  3. Bleeding should never be treated under a running tap, as this will wash away the body’s clotting agents and cause the wound to bleed more freely
  4. To treat bleeding, the best thing to do is to put pressure on the wound to stop the flow of blood
  5. Whenever a medical emergency such as a serious wound or burn takes place, the first thing to do is to call 999 and request assistance
  6. A nosebleed should not be treated by tilting the head back
  7. To treat a nosebleed, lean the head slightly forwards and pinch the nose. The person should breathe through their mouth
  8. If someone has swallowed poison, don’t try to make them vomit (it is likely to burn and cause further damage)
  9. If a limb can be moved after an accident, this doesn’t mean it isn’t broken
  10. Minor cuts, scrapes and grazes should always be properly washed before being covered with a sterile dressing.