170 Edinburgh food outlets failed hygiene inspections in 2011

Cafés, restaurants and takeaways are regularly subjected to hygiene inspections in order to check whether they comply with food safety standards that have been put into place to protect public health.

Last year in Edinburgh, a total of one hundred and seventy establishments failed to meet the standards expected and failed their inspections. Common reasons for failing include rodent and insect infestations, a lack of adequate hand washing facilities, and the failure to implement and respect food hygiene procedures.

Out of the 170 businesses that failed, nine are to face prosecution over appalling conditions. Inspectors found conditions unimaginable in a commercial setting: toilet facilities for chefs that lacked any hand washing facilities, raw sewage leaking into a restaurant basement and even cooked rice being kept warm in the bathtub.

While these examples beggar belief, it can be difficult to put appropriate measures into place and to know how to implement and maintain these measures. Food safety training is essential for anyone working with food and can help employees not only to understand the risks involved but also effectively manage and minimise these risks.

A food outlet that complies with food safety standards is not only protecting the health of its customers but also its own reputation and future success.