3 everyday situations in which first aid training could save a life

People take first aid training courses for many reasons. Some are sent on first aid at work courses by their employers in order to meet regulations on first aid provision in workplaces, whilst others take the training for their job (i.e. nursery nurse, community group leader etc.).
However, the skills you learn on such a training course can actually be used in many other parts of your life. Here are just three examples of everyday situations where having first aid skills could potentially save lives:
1. A football match. With many excited and passionate fans crowded into the stands, some of whom have consumed alcohol, a medical emergency can soon develop. Someone may suffer an injury, succumb to heatstroke or suffer a heart attack.
2. A music concert. This is a similar situation to a football match, where lots of people are crowded into a confined space. Gigs and concerts tend to be hot environments where alcohol is consumed, which could lead to everything from trips and falls to alcohol poisoning.
3. A children’s birthday party. Lots of small children running around, playing on bouncy castles and bumping into each other could soon lead to an injury. Having someone around who is trained in paediatric first aid to tackle all those cuts, bruises and cases of sunburn could be essential,