300 sub-standard food outlets in Wales

We have already mentioned the Food Standards Agency’s new food hygiene rating scheme as the national roll-out continues. For the most part, reports have been positive, but it is now clear that they may already be showing just how they will be useful for the protection of customers’ health!

Inspections have been going on throughout the country in order to award the relevant scores, which range from 0 to 5. A score of 0 or 1 indicates sub-standard quality and a need for major or urgent improvement.

In North Wales, more than three hundred food outlets from restaurants, fish and chip shops, nursing homes and schools have been found to be lacking when it comes to food hygiene. With seventeen 0-ratings and around three hundred 1 ratings, it seems customers should be careful where they buy their food.

These ratings are designed to encourage improvement, and although the businesses involved are not obliged to display their rating on their premises, all inspection results are freely available on the FSA’s website.

Food safety training is an essential part of any food outlet’s food hygiene policy. Members of staff need to understand the risks as well as how to minimise them and keep adequate records.