£3000 fine for poor hygiene standards

The owner of an Indian restaurant in Coventry has been prosecuted for poor hygiene standards following an inspection earlier this year. He has been ordered to pay a fine in excess of £3000 for failing to respect food safety regulations. Five food safety offences were discovered at the premises, including:

  • Inspectors were concerned by the fact that the hand basin in the kitchen had no hot water supply, and that there was no evidence of any soap, handwash or hand drying equipment. This raised serious questions about the quality of any handwashing if indeed there was any…
  • Inspectors also found evidence of cross-contamination between raw meat and food that was ready to eat.

These kinds of breaches of food safety standards can pose a real threat to the public’s health and have cost the owner of this restaurant dearly.

Any business selling, preparing or handling food must receive the appropriate food safety training if they are to gain an understanding of the regulations and the risks involved. Even employees who handle low-risk or wrapped food need to have some knowledge of food safety, personal hygiene, contamination and effective cleaning.