£54,000 fine for Greenwich Chinese restaurant

Owners of a Chinese restaurant in Greenwich have been punished for the third time over breaches of food safety regulations.

In February 2010, the restaurant was fined £13,500 for poor hygiene standards. In April 2011, council inspectors arrived unannounced and proceeded to close the restaurant when they found evidence of a mouse infestation. Droppings were found near food and plates and inside a roll of cling film.

This time the restaurant owners have been given the largest fine ever handed to a Greenwich business as well as a ban from being able to run a food business. This is in response to the discovery of eighteen breaches of food safety regulations.

This lack of respect for the health and safety of their customers cannot be tolerated and demonstrates the owners’ desire to make money while putting their customers at risk. All businesses serving food should make sure that they receive adequate food safety training, and that they are aware of and adhere to current food hygiene regulations.

As shown in this case, businesses that fail to do so face substantial fines, prosecution and permanent closure.