9 avoidable accidents that could happen at work pt.1

A startling number of the accidents that take place in the workplace can be easily prevented. Despite this, companies still aren’t investing in health and safety training or putting the appropriate safety measures in place to protect employees from harm.
The following are a few of the most common preventable workplace accidents and how they can be avoided (continued in pt.2. and pt.3)
1. Slips, trips and falls. These are the most common workplace accidents, and most could be prevented by keeping floors dry, placing warning signs of spillages, cleaning up packaging and general clutter and keeping all areas free of obstructions.
2. Falling from height. If your company even has a staircase on its premises, your workers could be at risk from falling from a height and injuring themselves. These accidents can be prevented by safeguarding staircases and raised platforms with the appropriate safety barriers.
3. Accidents whilst cleaning equipment. Workers commonly lose fingers and sustain other injuries when trying to clean equipment. If you give employees the proper training, supervise them properly and ensure all machinery and equipment is fitted with emergency stop mechanisms and safety guards, these incidents shouldn’t happen.
See part 2 of this guide for more avoidable workplace accidents and details on how to prevent them.