9 avoidable accidents that could happen at work pt.2

Many of the accidents that happen in the workplace can be prevented simply by putting a few extra safety measures in place and by giving employees and managers the correct health and safety training.
In part 1 of this guide, we looked at three of the most common and avoidable workplace accidents:
1. Slips, trips and falls
2. Falling from height
3. Accidents whilst cleaning equipmen
Let’s look at a few more and how they can be prevented:
4. Manual handling and lifting accidents. Unless employees undergo the correct manual handling training, they could injure themselves or others when moving and lifting heavy machinery and equipment.
5. Electrical accidents. To prevent employees from shocking or burning themselves on electrical wires, cables and equipment, you need to get all electrical systems regularly checked and maintained. You also need to give proper warning of electrical hazards and provide staff with the right training to use electrical equipment safely.
6. Workplace fires. Even a small fire in the workplace can cause serious injuries (i.e. burns, injuries from smoke inhalation). You can prevent fires by sending all staff on a fire safety training course, conduct a fire risk assessment and fit all appropriate fire prevention equipment (i.e. fire alarms) and signage in company buildings.
See part 3 for the final three preventable workplace accidents and to find out what you can do stop them from happening in your business.