9 avoidable accidents that could happen at work pt.3

A vast number of workplace accidents are preventable, but they still happen. This is because businesses are not taking the right precautions or giving their staff the right health and safety training.

In parts 1 and 2 of this guide, we looked at the following workplace accidents, all of which can be prevented:

1. Slips, trips and falls

2. Falling from height

3. Accidents whilst cleaning equipment

4. Manual handling and lifting accidents

5. Electrical accidents

6. Workplace fires

Now let’s look at the rest:

7. Workplace traffic accidents. These can happen in warehouses, where there are vehicles moving around, but they can also happen in car parks and on construction sites. Common incidents are people being struck by vehicles and vehicles colliding with each other. By properly training drivers and putting strict safety measures in place, these incidents can be prevented.

8. Accidents involving hazardous substances. Any hazardous substance, such as printer toner or cleaning solutions, can cause injury to employees if handled or stored improperly. COSHH training (control of substances hazardous to health) is necessary to prevent these accidents.

9. Workplace violence. Whilst less common than other accidents, workplace violence still happens. Employees can end up being physically or psychologically harmed by their colleagues, unless the proper conflict resolution training and policy is put in place.