9-year-old saves choking mum’s life using first aid training

A nine-year-old boy from the West Yorkshire town of Bingley has been hailed as a hero after he saved his mother’s life when she started choking, using skills learnt at a first aid training course taken just a few days earlier.
Schoolboy Kayne Holden was having dinner with his little brother and his mother Cherie when she started choking on a piece of food. She describes what happened:

“I started to choke and couldn’t get air from anywhere. I pointed at my back and looked at Kayne.”

Responding remarkably quickly in what must have been a scary situation, the youngster slapped his choking mother between the shoulder blades to try and dislodge the food from her throat. This didn’t work, so Kayne then tried the emergency Heimlich manoeuvre, which he had only just learnt at a first aid training course taken as part of a summer camp.
Cherie was able to cough out the pea she was choking on and made a full recovery. Speaking of the emergency first aid he provided to his mother, Kayne reportedly said:
“If I hadn’t learnt that on Monday, I wouldn’t have a mummy.”