A brief guide to making your work premises safe from fire

Fire safety is incredibly important within the workplace, and employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and members of the public.
If you are setting up a new business or you feel you aren’t necessarily meeting all standards required of you, the following tips should help you to make your premises safe from fire.
1. Research the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, these are the rules you need to adhere to
2. Carry out a fire risk assessment, or employ a professional fire safety consultant to do it for you. Note: this needs to be a full and thorough assessment of ignition sources, flammable materials, people at risk, fire prevention measures etc.
3. Take measures to protect against fire and install all fire-fighting and fire detection equipment. This includes fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire doors etc.
4. Come up with a fire escape plan for the whole premises, make sure everyone knows it and practice it regularly
5. Send all of your staff on fire safety awareness training courses – the more clued-up your employees are, the safer they will be
6. Record everything, from what you found in your fire risk assessment to the changes you have made
7. Review your fire safety policy regularly, and especially when any changes are made to the building.