A closer look at care training and its benefits

Health and social care is a challenging yet extremely rewarding sector to work in; its many demands meaning that workers with a wide range of skills are sought after almost all of the time. You can get all the skills and knowledge you need to be truly excellent at what you do by combining your on-the-job experience with the right care training courses.
In your career, you may need training in particular areas (i.e. different medical conditions) in order to specialise. For example, you may choose to work with children, or you may want to work to improve the day-to-day lives of people who have dementia. You will need the right training in your specialist area in order to progress.
However, it is also important for carers in all types of roles to have universal skills and knowledge. These include everything from observation skills and competence at keeping records to first aid training and fire safety awareness. It is also important for those working within health and social care to be aware of all the relevant legislation and other issues relating to the work they do and the people they care for.
The bottom line is, you can never do enough training as a care worker. Your personal and professional development should be an ongoing process, helping you to progress in your career and in turn helping the people you care for every day.