A closer look at the duties of the ‘responsible person’ for fire safety pt.2

As the responsible person for fire safety within a business or organisation, there are certain duties you must fulfil. This requires you to take a fire safety training course to learn all that you need to know, and you should ensure that the course you choose is one designed for fire marshals.
We have already looked at a few of the duties of the responsible person (see pt.1), but there are a few more. For example, the responsible person must:
• Put protective measures in place for explosive or flammable materials, if the company uses or stores them
• Come up with a plan to deal with emergencies
• Be able to contact the emergency services if necessary
• Record all findings from the risk assessment and make sure they are reviewed regularly
Once you agree to take on the position of responsible person, or fire marshal, you are responsible by law for ensuring that all mandatory safety measures are carried out. The fire service will come in to check the premises, and they must be satisfied with what they find before you can consider your job done.