A foot on the ladder: taking a health and social care NVQ

Training is vital for a career in health and social care; you won’t get anywhere without it. There are many care training courses available to new starters in this demanding yet highly rewarding sector, all of them tailored to suit trainees of different skill and career levels.
Most people who are starting off their career in health and social care take a QCF NVQ Diploma course (note: this used to be called an NQF NVQ Diploma but the framework has changed this year).
This nationally recognised qualification course, which most students complete within just nine months, covers all of the basics and introduces you to all of the key issues. These include introductions to communication, personal development, duty of care, safeguarding and protection, equality and inclusion and information handling, among many other in-depth modules. Most importantly, you will learn the particulars of your role as a care worker.
The QCF NVQ Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 2 is suitable for people working across a wide range of social care settings. So whether you aim to work with children or care for adults, in residential settings or primary care environments, this care training course is suitable for you.