Admissions suspended at Leicestershire care home over falling standards

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has reportedly blocked the admission of new patients to a care home in Leicestershire after an inquiry found that safety, training for care staff and provisions for the protection of residents were not up to standard.

The CQC investigated Saffron House, a privately-run care home in Barwell after concerns were raised about the welfare and safety of residents by the county council. Following the inspection, a report has been published detailing the home’s failings. These reportedly include:

  • Failure to adequately protect patients from inappropriate behaviour and verbal abuse
  • Insufficient care training for staff
  • Quality of patient care
  • Problems with supervision and management at the home

A spokesperson for the county council explains why the CQC were brought in to investigate, saying:

“Evidence gathered by our officers found that, although there was nothing that posed a serious, immediate risk to residents, there were a series of contractual breaches, relating to poor management and poor outcomes for some residents.
“Examples include poor moving and handling, lack of knowledge relating to service users with dementia, lack of training, inconsistency of documentation and lack of leadership.”


Saffron House now has 28 days (starting from when the report was published) to outline how it will improve standards in care workers’ training and patient care at the home.