Advice on training options for people working with children pt.1

A role working with children is both challenging and rewarding, and it comes with a number of important responsibilities. You need to protect the young people in your care, ensuring their safety, health and well-being at all times.

This is why care training is so important, in order to prepare you for all kinds of situations.

So, what roles are there working with children in which you will require specialist training? The following are a few examples:

  • Primary school teachers and teaching assistants
  • Nursery and pre-school staff
  • Professional baby-sitters and child minders
  • Children’s care home staff
  • After school activities co-ordinators and leaders
  • Hospital staff working on paediatric wards
  • Leaders of Girl Guides groups or other organisations
  • Volunteers in any child-focused organisation

All of the people who work in any of the above roles should ensure they undergo a selection of basic training courses. Amongst the most important are first aid training (particularly paediatric first aid training), health and safety training and fire safety training. This will help to ensure that all staff, children and visitors are protected from harm.

See part 2 of this guide for the more specific training courses those working with children should consider taking.