Advice on training options for people working with children pt.2

It is very important for all people who work with children to be properly trained in a number of areas. The main reason for this is to protect the young people under your care from harm and unnecessary risk, and to keep them as healthy and happy as possible.

In part 1 of this guide, we looked at the three basic types of training for people working with children – fire safety, health and safety and paediatric first aid training – but there are more specialist courses to consider.

The following training courses are best suited to people working with children in the health and social care sector:

  • Safeguarding children training – an introductory training course designed for people who work with or have contact with children or young people. It covers areas such as recognising child abuse, responding to concerns, safe practice and fulfilling ‘duty of care’.
  • Child protection training courses – a more advanced look at child protection issues, including the different kinds of child abuse, whistle blowing and record keeping, and the groups and organisations involved in child protection.

To decide whether you need to undergo any further training, you should consult your supervisor or manager.