Why AED equipment and training can save lives

When a person suffers a heart attack or goes into cardiac arrest, the chances of successful defibrillation decrease by between seven and ten per cent with every minute that passes. Administering measured electric shocks during CPR can increase the chances of survival and yet requires specific equipment and training.

Automated External Defibrillation first aid training would allow an appointed first aider to administer this life support treatment in the cases of cardiac arrest in the workplace. Tutorcare can also provide help and advice to companies that are considering purchasing the equipment. The training covers the following areas:

  • Recognition and treatment of both the conscious and the unconscious heart attack
  • Demonstration of CPR and discussion of the rationale for CPR
  • The conditions where AED can be used and what AED does
  • Be able to apply the pad in the correct position on a dummy and then connect them to a machine
  • Be able to describe the additional items that may be needed to apply pads to patients suffering from cardiac arrest
  • Demonstration of the correct process for CPR with AED in various scenarios