Another outbreak of food poisoning caused by liver paté – The Training Hub

There have been numerous cases of food poisoning caused by eating pate harbouring the Campylobacter bacteria, and yet new incidents keep on occurring.

When Reading College catering students prepared food for a group of retired people, they were serving a group whose age made them particularly vulnerable to such infections. Yet, they were told to prepare the pate at a temperature too low to kill the bacteria present in so many raw poultry products.

Eighteen elderly people fell ill after eating the liver pate, and according to one member of the Pine Cones Retirement Club, “Some of the ladies living on their own were in a shocking state’ following the group outing.

As a result of the breach, Reading College was prosecuted and fined seven thousand pounds for food safety breaches; the college was also ordered to pay court costs of eight thousand pounds, making this an expensive mistake to make.

Campylobacter is a common cause of food poisoning and thorough cooking is the only way to ensure that the bacteria are eliminated before the food is served, as it can be found throughout the tissue as well as on the surface.

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