Appeal for first aiders who saved lorry driver’s life to come forward

Following a serious road traffic accident in Swansea, the family of a lorry driver who had a heart attack at the wheel is calling for the first aiders who helped the injured man at the scene to come forward.

The accident happened at the end of April 2013, when 61-year old Norman Mander suffered a heart attack whilst driving his lorry. The vehicle collided with the central reservation on Fabian Way.

Immediately following the incident, it has been reported that a number of witnesses rushed to Mr Mander’s side, using what is likely to be skills learnt in first aid training to give him CPR. Once the ambulance crews arrived, the injured truck driver was taken to Morriston Hospital where he is being kept in an induced paralytic state due to the seriousness of his condition.

Mr Mander’s family is now urging whoever it was who used their first aid skills to come forward, as they were able to keep the driver alive until the emergency services arrived. Not only do the family want to thank the people involved for their help, but they could also be witnesses to what happened. Mr Mander’s step-son Jamie is also keen to promote first aid training after what happened, saying to local newspapers:

“These skills can be the difference between life and death. It isn’t anything technical, it is just knowing how to pump the heart.”