Basic hygiene and safety advice for people working with food

If you are starting a new job in which you will be working with food, you should seriously consider going on a food safety training course. Many of these also offer industry-recognised food hygiene qualifications, which can be useful in helping you advance in your career.
However, there are basic food hygiene and safety rules that every food worker should know about, whether or not they go on a training course. Bear these in mind at all times when working with food:
• Always wear clean clothes
• Wear an apron if dealing with unwrapped food
• Wash hands before preparing food, making sure to use soap and hot water and wash under fingernails and between fingers
• Wash hands after going to the toilet, after cleaning, after taking out the rubbish, after breaks and after touching raw eggs, meat or poultry
• Don’t wear jewellery or nail varnish in the kitchen
• Tie back hair and wear a hat or net
• Tell your supervisor if you ever develop an illness involving diarrhoea or vomiting
• Always cover cuts with brightly coloured plasters or bandages
• Don’t smoke when working with food
• Avoid sneezing or coughing over food
• Don’t eat or drink when working in a food preparation environment