Bolton nightclub boss says fire safety course saved lives

The boss of a nightclub in Bolton has said that arranging fire safety training for himself and his staff potentially saved lives in a recent fire at the premises.
The fire started at the Lush Disco Bar on Bradshawgate in Bolton in the early hours of Sunday (1st May) morning. Owner Giuseppe Granata claims that although the fire caused several thousands of pounds worth of damage, it could have turned into a major blaze and endangered many lives had staff on the premises not been trained in fire safety just weeks before the incident occurred.

Mr Granata said that when the fire broke out, his staff knew exactly what to do and conducted the emergency evacuation of more than 100 people safely and calmly. He himself had also learned not to open a door when he spotted the fire, as this would have only fed the flames with oxygen and made the fire worse.

Speaking to The Bolton News, Mr Granata said:

“I took members of my staff to a fire marshal course just two months ago and I would urge people to go on the course, you learn a lot. It helped to save lives.”

The cause of the fire at the Lush Disco Bar is not yet known, but it is not thought to be suspicious.