Boy band The Wanted use first aid skills to help fainting fan

Whilst they may be known for their looks, their chart-topping singles and their singing ability, a recent event has proven that two members of the boy band The Wanted have a secret skill – first aid knowledge.

When the band members arrived at Glasgow airport following a recent gig, they were met by a crowd of screaming fans. In the chaos, one teenage girl fainted and hit her head against a wall. This triggered a seizure.

Luckily, it seems that band members Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes may have previously undergone first aid training. Onlookers reported that they leapt out of their tour bus, but the girl into the recovery position and called an ambulance right away.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper about the incident, Tom Parker said:

“It was as we pulled up at the airport that one of our fans collapsed on the floor. Nath stayed by her side while I called 999.
“It was pretty frightening, but anyone would have done the same.”


It seems, however, that not everyone would know what to do in such a frightening situation. St John Ambulance reported in 2010 that around 24% of people would do nothing in an emergency and hope that someone else had undergone first aid training, whilst 59% wouldn’t feel confident enough to try their first aid skills. This makes first aid training even more important.