Brave woman uses first aid training to save motorist’s life

A woman who was travelling on a busy motorway was able to use her first aid training to come to the aid of a driver in trouble.

Neeley Lewis was in a van with her boyfriend when she saw another vehicle veer off the road into the central reservation barriers before swerving back over into the slow lane. She quickly realised that something must be wrong with the driver and instructed her boyfriend to stop the van. Ms Lewis jumped out and ran to help the driver of the car, a 65-year-old woman who had started to convulse and vomit.

Ms Lewis managed to access the car and stop it by applying the handbrake before turning her attention to the stricken driver. Having undergone extensive first aid training, Ms Lewis was able to help the woman while her boyfriend called the emergency services.

Speaking of the incident, which the female driver survived, Ms Lewis said:

“Looking back it could have been a major pile up on the motorway and even at that time there was still a lot of traffic. All I could think is that we need to get her off the motorway. I think it was because of my first aid training that I was able to stay calm and help her.”