Bride saves wedding guest’s life using first aid skills

A quick-thinking bride managed to save the life of a guest at her wedding who collapsed on the dance floor, using the skills learned during first aid training to give him CPR.

24-year-old Kylie Cox, who had received first aid training whilst training to be a staff nurse, was dancing with the 28-year-old man at her wedding when he suddenly collapsed. Acting fact, she administered CPR on the stricken man and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until the emergency services arrived at the wedding venue.

The wedding reception was abandoned as the Kylie and her new husband Russell went straight to the hospital with the man, who is suspected to have had a heart attack. Speaking of the frightening incident, Kylie told the Daily Mirror:

“Our friend asked me for a dance, but while we were on the dance floor, he fell faint. I turned round to give him a chair and he collapsed.
“Me and Russell spent the first night of our marriage at the hospital, because we didn’t know whether our friend was going to live or die. The doctors told us it was a miracle he survived.”