BSC launches safety in the workplace campaign

The British Safety Council (BSC) has recently launched a new campaign to help people understand the issues related to workplace health and safety.

The campaign, entitled ‘Changing the Habits of a Lifetime’, will be an ongoing strategy on the part of the BSC to decrease workplace accidents and injuries. It focuses on bad habits that many businesses and their workers have developed without noticing, some of which could pose a serious risk to health and safety in the workplace.

On the Council’s website, the aim of the campaign is explained:

“We want to make health and safety easier for people, whatever their job role, to understand and engage with. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility – from a young person starting work in a local shop to the CEO of a multinational organisation.”


As part of the campaign, the BSC has pledged to work closely with related businesses and organisations to share resources and come up with guidance on best practices.

The organisation will also be promoting health and safety in the workplace training courses, as well as running surveys and industry-specific studies. It will publish results and other information, advice and guidance online for everyone to access.