How Burnley scores in the new Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

A total of seven hundred and seven food outlets have now been inspected in the borough of Burnley and have had their scores issued in the roll-out of the Food Standards Agency’s new food hygiene rating scheme.

35% of Burnley food outlets scored a full five stars for ‘very good’ standards, while 573 obtained a ‘satisfactory’ score or higher. All results are available on the FSA’s website.

While a large proportion of food outlets have scores that will reassure consumers, a significant number of establishments did rather less well in their inspections: 30 food outlets scored just one star out of five, which indicates that ‘major’ improvements are necessary to bring them up to acceptable hygiene levels. Four establishments failed to obtain any stars, meaning that ‘urgent’ improvements are needed.

One of these zero-rated restaurants was found to have breached a worrying twenty-four food hygiene regulations, which suggests that food preparation conditions must have been pretty dire at the time of the inspection.

If you are worried about the new rating scheme and the effects it could have on your business, it is time to take a good look at your hygiene procedures and control measures and make sure you and your staff have the relevant food safety training qualifications.