Does your business have an up-to-date fire risk assessment?

As you will doubtless be aware, all businesses have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to protect people and property against the outbreak of fire. These steps include things like installing and testing fire alarms, ensuring staff are up to date with general fire safety training and making sure fire extinguishers are regularly maintained.

However, before you as the designated responsible person in the workplace – can implement any of these measures; you must conduct a fire risk assessment on your property. This assessment must be detailed and thorough, so you may want to consider getting a professional fire safety consultant in to handle it for you. This way, you will make doubly sure you haven’t missed something that could endanger someone’s life.

What is a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment encompasses a number of essential elements. These include:

– Identifying fire risks in the workplace
– Identifying who is most at risk (i.e. employees with mobility problems, visitors unfamiliar with the layout of the building)
– Evaluating and removing the risks (or at least reducing them). This includes taking vital fire safety measures such as fitting fire alarms, emergency exits and lighting, and planning an escape route.
– Recording your findings and using them in future fire awareness training exercises
– Reviewing the risk assessment regularly, especially if something changes within the workplace