A business owner’s guide to health and safety pt.1

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure all of your employees, as well as customers, clients and anyone else who visits your premises is kept safe. This means managing risks and implementing health and safety policies and practices, so as to prevent accidents and adhere to the law.

Managing health and safety is a big job, and it isn’t something you can just ‘fix’ once. It is an ongoing process that constantly needs monitoring and adjustment, but it all starts with these essential steps:

  • Carrying out a full health and safety risk assessment. This involves doing a full health and safety assessment on every part of your business, from premises and operations to staff and customers. You need to identify who is at risk, as well as identifying risks, hazards and safety weak spots within the business.
  • Taking steps to reduce or remove risks. Using the findings of your risk assessment, you can start to remove or remove risks and hazards to make your workplace safer.
  • Ensuring staff are given adequate health and safety training to carry out their work safely. All staff members can benefit from general health and safety workplace training, but you will also need to provide more task-specific training for staff carrying out particularly dangerous or specialist jobs.