Call to put first aid on Welsh school curriculum

A leading charity has called for first aid training to be included on the curriculum in Welsh schools, in order to give children the skills and knowledge they may need in later years to save lives.

The Red Cross in Wales has a youth strategy which it first launched three years ago, which aims to promote humanitarian values, respond to young people and children in crisis and encourage more young people to train in first aid. Another key area of the strategy aims to provide young people with volunteering opportunities, which can give them confidence and help them in later life.

At present, the charity is focusing its attentions on getting first aid training onto the school curriculum in Wales. Commenting on the latest campaign, the Red Cross’ senior services manager for youth and schools in Wales, Wayne Morgan, said:

“We believe very strongly in first-aid education in trying to get young people to learn those skills for the community,”
“It is a help for young people to have first-aid skills.
“It can develop their confidence – there are young people who have had to save somebody’s life and had the confidence to put someone in the recovery position and been able to act and do something.”