Cambridgeshire eateries receive zero star rating from Food Standards Agency

Five Cambridgeshire eateries have received a zero out of five rating from the Food Standards Agency.

The rating is established according to how closely the companies follow food hygiene requirements set out in food hygiene law.

When premises are inspected, they are rated for a number of things:

  • Compliance with food hygiene law
  • Compliance with safety procedures
  • Compliance with structural requirements
  • Confidence in management

Once everything has been inspected, a score between zero and five is given. At one time or another, every eating establishment that you come across will have been rated by the Food Standards Agency, including hospitals, schools, care homes, restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, sandwich shops, hotels, supermarkets, bakeries and delis.

Muddabir Hussein, manager of Oliver’s Lodge Hotel which was given a rating of zero on their initial inspection has said:

“We had a review recently and all the things have improved since then. We have made changes and the environment officer has said that things have vastly improved. We are expecting a surprise visit in the coming months which will give us a new rating.”

Along with the five establishments that were given the lowest possible rating, a further 82 eating establishments – 30 of which are in the city centre – were given a rating of one.