Can E-Learning help the Environment?

In April 2010 the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme was set up with the aim of persuading large companies and the public sector to use less energy. There is already a big emphasis by large organisations on saving energy as this in turn saves money.

How can e-learning save energy?

The CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) has been put in place to ensure that there is a change process within energy saving and that this change is driven from the top down.

So the question is how can e-learning save energy? Well, let us have a look at the fundamental elements that providing a training course incur:

  • Delegates use their own transport to travel to and from any external course
  • Some delegates may even travel by sea or air
  • Trainers have to travel to and from the courses, this generates 1000’s of miles per year as they are nationwide
  • Training rooms use electricity and heating
  • Course materials are handed out the masses
  • Sometimes there is a need for overnight accommodation so more light and heat is needed

E-learning the environmentally friendly solution

E-learning is an excellent way to save on your energy costs as it takes out the need for any travel, accommodation, and course materials. Obviously there will be increased costs in terms of being on a computer longer and using the internet.

It has been found that purchasing music digitally as opposed to buying a CD reduces the energy and carbon dioxide emissions to customers by between 40% and 80%. This is an incredible saving on cost and environmental impact.

So in the era of ‘going green’ and cost cutting e-learning is the most cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to your training needs. It has been calculated that the average half day face to face workshop for 5,000 staff would produce 58 tonnes of carbon dioxide. In comparison it has been calculated that the equivalent e-learning course produces only 0.5 tonnes.

So when you next assess your training needs and are in need of cutting costs, it would appear that e-learning is the next place for you and Tutorcare Ltd is the company that you should contact.

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