Cardiff care authority accused of negligence

A Cardiff woman is accusing Cardiff authorities of care negligence after her father was left trapped in his flat following a massive stroke.

The sixty-one-year-old man was recognised as being a vulnerable individual who was unable to look after himself adequately, and for this reason, he received daily care. Tragically, he suffered a huge stroke while in bed, meaning he was unable to get to his alarm which had been left in another room.

Although care workers continued to call at the house on a daily basis, the alarm was not raised when the man did not come to the door to let them in. As a result, the man lay in bed for three days, in terrible conditions and without food or water.

Once he was discovered by his daughter, the man was hospitalised but died after forty-eight hours. His daughter is now criticising Cardiff council for failing to take action earlier, despite her father’s failing health, and for failing to contact her. She feels his suffering during those three days was unnecessary and avoidable.

The council’s actions will now be subjected to an independent investigation, with the results due later this year.