Cardiff council bar fails food hygiene inspection

A private members’ bar in the headquarters of Cardiff Council has failed food hygiene inspections, leaving the council open to accusations that it is “sending out the worst possible message” to local businesses.

The bar, which is located in the basement of County Hall, was subject to a series of inspections by environmental health officers. Problems such as a dirty ice machine, food being stored at the wrong temperature and a lack of a hand washing sink were identified.

The private members’ bar received numerous warnings to improve hygiene standards and improve food safety training for staff but in the most recent inspection, in November 2010, that management had not done enough to implement a food safety management system.

The venue, which the council claims is run by an independent body, subsequently received a rating of just one out of five, which means that major improvements need to be made.

Maria Battle from Consumer Focus Wales commented on the inspection results, saying:

“Hopefully this naming and shaming in the Echo will force the management to take a more proactive approach and ensure that lessons are learned for the future, so that the body in charge of enforcing standards for other food businesses in Cardiff is setting a good example.”