Care home training: how to cater to special diets

The average care worker employed in a nursing home or hospital will have too many responsibilities to count. Amongst these, one of the most important is providing adequate nutrition and hydration to the people under their care.
It is not always as simple as providing people with enough to eat and drink, however. You need to understand the principles of proper nutrition, and the effect food has on the body and on health in general. You should be able to identify the main nutrients, vitamins and minerals the body needs, and how they are utilised by the body.
Learning all about nutrition will hopefully give you the practical skills you need to provide a nutritious and healthy diet to the people under your care. You should be able to adjust diets for people with different illnesses and medical conditions, to use nutrition to make your charges stronger and healthier.
This is why nutrition awareness training courses are so important for people working in health and social care, although there are other courses you can take. One of these, the CIEH Level 2 Award in Healthier Food and Special Diets, is a food safety training course which would be particularly suitable for workers in a hospital kitchen, for example.