Care home worker resigns over incorrect medicine dispensation

A staff member of a care home in Aberdeenshire has reportedly resigned after the home’s manager was informed that some patients were not given the right medication.

The management team at the Havencourt nursing home were informed of the incident was from a colleague of the former employee who expressed concerns that improper medicine dispensation had taken place during a recent night shift. The nurse claimed that the member of staff on duty that night failed to give a dose of medication to some residents during the shift.

A statement released by Four Seasons Health Care, the company which owns Havencourt, explained what happened next:

“The home manager notified the appropriate authorities in line with our procedure and an investigation was instigated.
When contacted by the manager, the member of staff resigned and so has not been subject to a company disciplinary hearing.
The wellbeing of residents is our prime concern. We regard this as a very serious matter. We are grateful to the vigilant member of our nursing staff who alerted the manager.”

The company also confirmed that no residents suffered any lasting effects from not receiving their medication.
The proper dispensation of medicine is a vital part of care training, which all care workers should undertake before being given the responsibility for this task.