Care sector workers: how much do you know of child protection issues?

As a care worker with the responsibility of looking after children, it is essential you are aware of child protection issues. The best way to learn how to safeguard children from harm, deal with child protection situations and improve your skills as a carer is to go on a child protection training course.
These care training courses can last just three hours or a full day, depending on how in-depth you want to go in learning about child protection issues. Which course you take also depends on the requirements of your particular role within the care sector, as well as the organisation you work for.

You will generally learn about:

  • The various types of child abuse i.e. sexual, emotional, institutional, physical etc.
  • The signs and symptoms of abuse to look out for
  • Neglect by others
  • How and when to report abuse (also known as “whistle-blowing”)
  • The groups, organisations and agencies whose principal concern is the protection of children
  • The importance of keeping accurate and detailed records

You may also benefit from hearing about a few case studies, to help you apply your new knowledge to real life situations.