Cheshire care home found to be failing residents

A care home for elderly residents has been harshly criticised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for failing to protect the safety and welfare of its occupants.

The CQC found that eight essential standards were not being met at the Rangemore care home, which is located in Knutsford. These included a lot of the basics that are generally included in care training courses, such as issues with the handling of medicines, respect for residents, record-keeping, poor infection control and cleanliness.

It was also found that the home’s manager lacked basic management skills and that the principles covered as part of fire safety training were not sufficiently being put into practice.

The CQC expressed concerns that these failings on the part of the care home’s owners put residents’ safety and welfare at risk. Regional director for the public body Sue McMillan said:

“The care at Rangemore care home has fallen far short of the standards people have a right to expect.
“Despite there being some progress at the home since our initial visit in February, it is disappointing that this was only forthcoming after our and the lead councils intervention and direction.”