Cheshire Fire Service issues fire safety warning to local businesses

The Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has issued a warning to businesses in the county that they could face huge legal bills and prosecution if they don’t adhere to fire safety rules.

Fire chiefs have told the Knutsford Guardian that legal action has been taken against many firms in the area who failed to put fire safety measures in place, despite being warned by fire safety officers on numerous occasions.

The service recommends that businesses carry out fire risk assessments as a matter of urgent importance, as well as ensuring that all relevant fire safety training is provided to staff members and management.

The group manager for the Community Fire Protection Department, Lee Shears, said:

“We are committed to keeping people safe from fire and will always look to work with a business rather than against it.
“Prosecution is always a last resort and an extremely serious one but one which we will not shy away from if businesses fail to ensure they provide appropriate fire safety measures.
“We urge businesses to take fire safety seriously and ensure they carry out a fire safety risk assessment and implement the necessary safeguards and measures to ensure all users are safe and that the business is not at risk from a fire.”