Christmas food safety tips pt.1

Christmas is a time of the year that is all about food and drink. Our holiday celebrations centre on Christmas dinner, as well as a Boxing Day buffet and a range of other festive meals.
Due to the amount of food we buy, store, cook and prepare at Christmas, food safety is more important than ever. This is why the Food Standard Agency (FSA) has launched an advent calendar of food safety tips, one for each day in December leading up to Christmas. Many food hygiene training course providers have come up with their own guidance for festive food safety, as well as urging food-providing businesses to undergo food safety training.
Edinburgh Council, meanwhile, has published a list of twelve of the most useful and easy-to follow tips, so that you and your family stay health and well this Christmas. These tips are as follows (continued in part 2):
1. Always wash hands thoroughly, using hot water and soap, before cooking and after handling raw meat
2. Keep the kitchen as clean as possible, especially when it comes to chopping boards, knives and worktops
3. Don’t let pets anywhere near the kitchen
See part 2 of this guide for more of the essential and straightforward Christmas food safety tips you need to know.