Christmas health and safety myths debunked

The Health and Safety Executive has published the top ten Christmas health and safety myths on its website. The HSE claims that these myths detract from the goals of health and safety regulations as well as spoiling people’s seasonal fun.
Among the myths debunked this year are the following:
• Children cannot have snowball fights
• Office workers cannot hang up Christmas decorations
• Sweets cannot be thrown into the audience during pantomime performances
• You could be sued for clearing snow from outside your home or work premises
• Coins cannot be hidden inside Christmas puddings
• Carol singers constitute a risk to health and safety
Despite the attempts to discredit certain myths, it is surprising how quickly they can become accepted by the general population.
Health and safety measures in the workplace are important if businesses are to protect their employees from injury or illness, and these kinds of story simply detract from the real goal and turn health and safety into an object of ridicule.
The existence of these myths also underline the importance of approved health and safety training, as it is only with knowledge and understanding that the health and safety of employees can really be preserved.