CIEH Level 2 Award in Manual Handling

The importance of Manual Handling Health and Safety Training should never be underestimated. Many people’s jobs involve some lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying, and most of us are probably vaguely aware of the correct way to lift or carry something.
We are probably less aware, however, of the risks involved in manual handling, particularly if it is not carried out correctly. Not only does the training raise awareness of these risks, but it also provides employees with the skills necessary to minimise these risks as well to recognise their own personal limitations.
A recent tragic case highlights the importance of this type of training. A door and window manufacturer was prosecuted after an accident left one of its workers dead. Rather than storing boards flat on the floor, or using a safe rack and retrieval system, this company stored stacks of boards by leaning them against a wall.
A worker was killed when he tried to remove a board from the centre of the stack, which then fell on him. He sustained head injuries so serious that he later died. These kinds of accidents are avoidable is the correct storage and handling procedures are in place.