Clearing snow and ice

With another cold snap descending upon us, many places of work will be faced with trying to maintain safety in the face of snow and ice. While people have a responsibility to take care when walking on snow or ice, it is every employer’s interest to protect the safety of their employees.
Directgov has published guidelines on how to clear snow and ice effectively in anticipation of a cold February:
• Clear public areas first thing in the morning. Car parks, entrances and steps are likely to become hazardous it very cold weather, and as people walk or drive over the snowy ground, the surface will become more compacted. Clearing these spaces early on in the day will make the task easier and reduce the likelihood of accidents.
• Use salt on the surfaces to melt snow and prevent ice from forming. Ordinary salt can be used. Sand is another alternative; it doesn’t cause ice or snow to melt, but it does provide better grip underfoot.
• Make sure that any snow you shovel away from the path is piled safely! You need to make sure you are not blocking any access points or drains, which could cause further problems.