Common first aid misconceptions pt.2

If you want to be prepared for an emergency medical situation, you need to take a first aid training course. This is where you will get the right information and knowledge about how to carry out first aid.

By undergoing first aid training, you will avoid having to fall back on common first aid misconceptions such as these:

  1. Misconception: limbs that can’t be moved must be broken (and vice versa)
    You should always try to prevent unnecessary movement with what looks like a serious limb injury, but the only way to tell whether a limb is broken or not is with an X-ray at a hospital.
  2. Misconception: burns can be treated with cream, butter or other dairy products
    If you don’t have proper burn creams and dressings to hand, you shouldn’t put butter or any other dairy product on a burn. Instead, treat a burn by running it under cold water for ten minutes or more. For serious burns, seek professional medical help.
  3. Misconception: you need expensive equipment and lots of intensive first aid training to be able to do first aid
    This is not true. All you need to do is to take a basic first aid or a first aid at work training course and you will have all the skills and knowledge to be able to handle most first aid emergencies, without the need for equipment. You can, however, do more advanced first aid training courses if you want to develop your skills.