Common Induction Standards refreshed in 2010

The Common Induction Standards 2005 have proved to be very valuable resource for employers, as they allow them to ensure that employees are adequately trained and informed to begin working in the care industry.
At five years old, however, it was felt that these standards needed updating and revising in order to reflect the changes and new challenges within the industry. The standards were therefore refreshed in 2010 following consultation with the care sector.
There are now eight rather than six standards, and certain areas have been included in the induction process on request of the Department of Health. One of these areas is Dementia, which is a growing problem across the care sector. It is important that early signs of dementia are recognised and managed in order to ensure quality care.
Tutorcare’s courses provide the care training needed for employees in the care sector to meet the refreshed Common Induction Standards as well as providing continuous professional development. Working in the care sector requires complex skills, as well as awareness of the issues involved and how to manage them, making quality training absolutely essential.