Conducting a fire risk assessment in detail pt.2

Ensuring a fire risk assessment is carried out on your business premises is your legal responsibility as an employer. You can either conduct the assessment yourself or use a professional fire safety consultant. Either way, there are five steps that must be completed in a fire risk assessment. We’ve looked at three of these already in pt.1 of this guide:

  1. Fire hazards
  2. Who is at risk?
  3. Evaluate risks and take action

Let’s now look at the remaining two steps:

  1. Record, plan and train. Record all of your findings and use these to plan future fire safety policy. You can also use this information to ensure others in the business/organisation undergo the right fire safety training.
  2. Review your fire risk assessment regularly. This is especially important if anything changes within the building (i.e. changes to the layout, renovation etc.) or if there is an incident.

You can’t prevent fire in every circumstance, but keeping on top of the fire risk assessment for your premises can drastically reduce the risk. The fire risk assessment is your legal responsibility, but it is also a moral obligation.