Controlling infection in care environments

A major issue in hospitals and care homes and facilities these days is cleanliness and the need to prevent infections. The people receiving care in these environments may be more vulnerable to infection that others, so all infection control measures must be taken to protect them.

If you work in a care environment, you need to know how to prevent, fight and contain infection, to protect the health of people under your care as well as your colleagues. An Infection Control Awareness training course should give you all the information you need, such as:

  • Why infection control is so important in the care sector
  • Legislation relating to infection control in the UK
  • How infection is caused and how it can spread
  • The universal precautions it is important to take against infection
  • How to tackle infection and how to break what is known as the, chain of infection.
  • Information on personal hygiene and health.
  • Hand washing techniques
  • How to keep the working environment clean and hygienic.

At the end of this two-hour course, you should be knowledgeable and confident in implementing infection control measures in your workplace.