More about the COSHH principles in health and safety training

As part of most health and safety training courses, you are likely to touch upon the subject of control of substances that are hazardous to health (COSHH). This is a set of principles designed to help people who work with hazardous substances to do so safely, protecting both themselves and the people they work with.
A COSHH Level 2 CIEH qualification training course gives trainees a detailed overview of the subject. At the end of the half-day session, you will be able to identify substances in the workplace that may be hazardous to health, as well as the health effects of each.
The training will also cover standard COSHH assessments, responsibilities and control options, as well as taking a look at the relevant regulations regarding control of hazardous substances.
Once you have this qualification under your belt, you should be able to work safely and competently with hazardous substances in your workplace. However, if you are working with more dangerous substances, you may want to consider taking more advanced health and safety training courses covering topics such as:
– Personal protective equipment
– COSHH for self-employed people
– Exposure limits
– Emergencies
Some or all of these topics may be covered in your COSHH Level 2 CIEH qualification training course, but there are other courses you can take if not.