Could technology be the key to food safety compliance in food businesses?

Food businesses have a lot of responsibilities in relation to food hygiene. By law, they must have a food safety management system in place, which covers everything from temperature control and safe food storage to hand-washing practices and food hygiene training for staff.

All of the different parts of a food safety management system can be tricky to track, as well as generating a lot of paperwork. This is why some food businesses, such as restaurants for example, as switching to more advanced, modern solutions.

There are now food safety monitoring systems available, such as the wireless Checkit system from Elektron Technology, which allow managers to keep track of temperatures in food preparation and storage areas wirelessly from smartphone and tablet devices. If normal food safety policies are breached, the system will sound an alert. These systems also generate compliance reports in addition to round-the-clock monitoring.

Of course, advanced technology can only do so much to ensure that food safety laws are being followed. Food businesses still need to ensure that they make thorough food hygiene training a priority, along with regular revisions and reassessments of practices and procedures.