Council provides food safety training for substandard restaurants

Enfield Council has decided to tackle poor food hygiene standards in ten restaurants by providing them with food safety training. The ten restaurants all scored either zero or one out of five possible stars during recent hygiene inspections.

Restaurant staff are being trained by Council health officers and the initiative seems to bear fruits, with six out of the ten improving their ratings. One restaurant has improved significantly and now bearing a rating of five stars.

Councillor Chris Bond, who is also a cabinet member for the environment, has said:

“We have very high expectations of the operators of food premises in Enfield and we will take appropriate action against any food premises which is unwilling or unable to operate clean and hygienic premises.
“We do know however that there are owners of food premises in this borough who want to run well managed, clean and effective premises, but may not have the know-how to do so.”

Food safety training is designed to provide those who work with food with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that standards meet hygiene requirements.